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Fiori is collection of Business Apps from SAP that can run on mobile, tablet and desktop. These apps are developed using Design Thinking methodology and follow specific design Guidelines.

However, SAP Fiori is an umbrella term used for the User Experience(UX) strategy SAP has come up with. It has to do with the front end / UI development. This strategy has various technologies under it like SAPUI5, Fiori Launch pad, Theme Designer etc.

SAPUI5 is a HTML5 library package from SAP. SAPUI5 uses JQuery library as its core library and many other SAP specific libraries . This is used to develop fiori apps.

Introduction to SAP WEBIDE and Hana cloud platform

Initial flow of execution in SAPUI5 Application


Introduction to View & Controllers

Basis UI elements in SAPUI5

Dynamically changing UI element properties.

Introduction to Different Layouts

Validating the User Input

Message Handling

Different Kinds of Models


Passing data from one view to other

Playing with Complex UI Elements with JSON DATA

Working with Popup Dialogs and Fragments

HANA Cloud Connector(HCC) for front end to back end connectivity

Working with ODATA Model

File Upload download Functionality

Duration:45hrs (1hr per day)–Monday - Saturday

Note: The best part of our training is, we develop two end to end projects with complete real time standards, one for SAPUI5, another for SAP Custom Fiori development and Standard Fiori Extension also.

Best feedback we got: After attending your training, we can able to work on Realtime projects easily . from Oasis students

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Developing Graphs / Charts

Internationalization in SAPUI5/Fiori

SAP UI5 end to end Project (With complete real time standards)

SAP ODATA Couse Content
Introduction to ODATA and gateway system

Gateway service builder to develop ODATA service

DPC &MPC classes and their methods

Implementing logic for CRUD operations

Gateway client to test ODATA services

Associations and navigations

Create Deep Insert on entities

Media Attachments

Configuration and Maintenance of Gateway

SAP FIORI Course Content

Introduction to SAP Fiori

Developing an end to end Custom Fiori application

Extending a Standard Fiori Application


Introduction to SAP Fiori and Architecture

Fiori Launch Pad Configuration

Standard fiori apps configuration

Custom to SAPUI5/SAP Fioriapps configuration in Launchpad

Theme builder