SAP-SD (Sales and Distribution)

Business knowledge in the area of sales and distribution
SAP SD is being widely used in organizations to track pre-sales, sales and post – sales transactions, to define the sales, order and distribution processes and manage the repository to store information related to these functions effectively.

SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) is a module which covers all topics related to Sales, Order and Distribution processing. Some of its main components are: Sales, Sales support, Shipping, Billing, sales & logistics information systems.

Course Contents:

SCM Order fulfillment (SD) - Online Knowledge Product (Self study)

Processes in sales and distribution

Creating and processing sales orders

Contracts and scheduling agreements

Delivery processes

Pricing and conditions

Rebate processing

Controlling billing documents

Revenue account determination- message determination, taxes determination

Integrated case study

Profile of an SD consultant:

SD Consultant is responsible for following activities:

Understand Business from Sales, Delivery & Invoicing department perspective.

Map customer business processes in SAP.

Train users for using SAP system.

Integrate SD module with other functional areas like Materials, Finance, Production, Costing etc.

Design/enhance operational and analytical reports for customer.

Growth Path:

SD consultant has vertical growth opportunities by elevating as team lead, Functional Lead, Project Manager, Program manager etc.

Can also crosstrain himself into advanced modules like CRM, Vistex, DSD etc.